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ECO Series
Shed Plans

The Eco Series from Steel Shed Systems is a range of smaller-span (9-14 metres) steel frame buildings designed to minimise labour and materials costs and reduce environmental impact. Click here to view Design Drawings
Ideal for smaller building requirements, the Eco Series features all the superior engineering principles and outstanding construction technology of our larger Cold Form series buildings, but at a greatly reduced cost in raw materials and labour time. Pick from one of our existing wide-utility pre-engineered and pre-designed Eco Series plans for a particularly time-effective option, or discuss your more specific requirements and the possibilities for your own unique design for 3 bay sheds or small buildings with us

Smaller Building Needs

The Eco Series offers a rapid construction time and sheds can be installed in as little as 6 weeks and is perfect for small building needs such as: Farm Lean-tos Small Farm Sheds Hay Sheds Implement Sheds Storage Small Commercial Warehouses / Factories …and more.

  • Manufactured from natural resources and can be re-used & recycled
  • Strong, flexible & durable
  • Our portal frames have superior weight-bearing capabilities
  • All building foundations are reinforced with high tensile steel up to three metres deep
  • The key strength component in the foundations gives the ability to be able to design freely, with no restrictions