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Large Shed

Our key strength component lies in the foundations. These are reinforced up to three metres in depth and three metres in width. We use a 25 mpa or greater structural concrete in all foundations and floors.
The foundations of all our buildings use high-tensile steel circular cage construction in a complete ring foundation around the exterior. This foundation connects into the base bracket foundation and the portal frame structure. This gives you the design freedom to include features like suspended ceiling and gantry cranes, or twin skin heavyweight acoustic panels. No tricky restrictions here!
Steel Shed Systems use a rolled-steel portal system for buildings up to 35m in span. This system is one of the best steel building systems available anywhere and has the highest weight-to-strength capacity, allowing for construction of large sheds up to 10 metres in height and spans of 35 metres. The “Structural Series” takes our buildings to bigger spans of up to 80m+, and allows for large multi-gantry systems to be supported with our buildings - ideal for aircraft hangars and large commercial warehouses.

cold formed steel buildings

Design Engineering

Our robust conventional commercial construction method has been well proven in a diverse range of buildings. Of the hundreds of buildings constructed using this design, not one has had experienced an engineering failure – despite many being subjected to conditions as extreme as hurricane force winds, earthquakes and snow loads. We work with renowned New Zealand structural engineer Maurice Harris of engineering consultancy firm Harris Foster Consultants, who independently completes all of our cold formed steel buildings and structural series designs. While other firms may have in-house engineers signing off on their own projects, Maurice’s expertise and status as an independent operator mean you can rest assured your design meets his exacting quality and safety standards. Maurice will review your building for the purposes of the PS4 producer statement, and will not sign off on any building that is not to the engineered design and standard. This is your security that you are getting a true quality design and build.

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Fire Engineering

Recent fire engineering code changes have made considerable changes to the way the buildings are to be built in the future, instead of protecting the intended use of the building for the current owner; the code now looks at protecting the building for the expected buildings useful life expectancy . This means that a preliminary fire report is imperative to planning your build, and we offer this free of charge with our free initial engineering assessment. We work with experienced fire engineers at the design stage and beyond to ensure your building is safe and fully compliant with all fire and safety regulations. The fire engineers we work with are experts in the most up-to-date fire safety building methods and materials, and are extremely well versed in regulatory requirements – they can talk you through your obligations in this area. As a high-quality commercial construction company, all Steel Shed Systems' buildings are designed and certified to the building code of New Zealand and exceed all New Zealand requirements and standards. All our buildings are fully New Zealand-engineered, and all the steel we use is New Zealand-supplied and manufactured

cold formed steel buildings