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A complete design and steel building construction company, Steel Shed Systems is all about turning your great ideas into a great building of substance. Our flexible approach means we can do as much or as little as your project demands – your requirements are our priority. We’re equally happy to oversee all aspects of your building project, or to work under the guidance of another contractor who may be using your pre-existing design and engineering plans. We understand design and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Above all our goal is to add value at any and all stages of your project, whether you need budgeting, design, engineering, construction, project management, or a total package. We work with clients in cities like Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch and in all kinds of rural locations across New Zealand. Contact us to discuss your options.

Your Unique

We like to be challenged in our work, and enjoy being able to engineer unique architectural design features and superb finishing touches that will make your building special whether it is a design for a new school, a retail business building, a commercial warehouse or an aircraft hangar. Once we’re onboard, it’s our mission to ensure that your project is cost-effective, but without compromising on the details or resorting to producing just another square box. Our five regional operators are all owners and directors of the national company, and are keen to build our business alongside the right people.

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Iconic clear span steel structures have stood the test of time, providing proven strength and durability. Steel Shed Systems offer your project this superior strength. Our portal frames are capable of supporting an extra 1000kg of weight after building completion. This weight-bearing capacity is created via our portal design characteristics. Anchor brackets are cast into reinforced concrete footings and double-sided brackets are bolted at the knee and ridge joints. All building foundations are reinforced with high tensile steel up to three metres deep

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At Steel Shed Systems, we’re all about your business requirements – whatever your production, workflow, or warehousing needs may be, we’ll work closely with you to sort them out. Our buildings are designed not only to suit your individual requirements, but also to add value to your business. Our specialised design software allows for your active involvement in design decisions for your steel building and lets you watch your building coming to life – and all before you commit to a full building contract. A one-stop shop, we can design, plan and execute your building project from conception to completion. We understand architecture, and recognise its value in our lives. A running budget throughout ensures you are kept up-to-date with all the costs along the way. All our sub-traders and suppliers are carefully project-managed, and we have an open book policy with all costs on our fixed price contracts. Steel Shed Systems works hand-in-hand with councils and utilises experienced engineers and planners to ensure your end result is a fully-compliant, purpose-built structure that suits the requirements of your operation perfectly, no matter what type of business you’re running. We’ll strive to take the hassles and stresses out of your building project in any way we can. All the steel we use is sustainable. Steel is manufactured from natural resources and can be reused and recycled, lowering costs to the environment.

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Steel Shed Systems are 100% New Zealand owned, engineered and designed, and our projects are locally made from only the best resources. Our advanced team of qualified commercial builders and engineers pool their resources to create buildings using both cold form and structural steel. Choose us for your project and your new building will be one that provides superior strength, design and functionality