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Engineering Preliminary
for Commercial Shed Designs: Calculations

We offer, free of charge, prelim engineering design for industrial and commercial shed and warehouse designs to all our clients. We often get plans or designs back to re-engineer, as the designer does not understand the most cost-effective way of meeting clients needs, and the project has run over budget. Don’t waste your time and money, get the basic steel building design and structural elements correct first with us. Our engineers are widely regarded in the industry to be the leaders in this field, with all their hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings successfully completed. By working with Steel Shed Systems as your commercial construction company, you get this independent engineers advice free. HFC, the leading civil and structural engineering design consultancy in NZ, have extensive experience in the design of commercial office and industrial buildings from large single storey steel framed structures through to multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings All designs are provided with a PS1: Design Producer Statement. HFC works closely with us to ensure a well-coordinated design is achieved, and construction on site proceeds smoothly, resulting in quality landmark buildings. HFC regularly carries out peer reviews for other structural engineers and local councils. Our team of experienced engineers work closely with the design engineer to ensure that all issues raised are resolved in a pragmatic and timely manner to ensure a smooth consent process, often this involves independently modelling the buildings to provide a truly independent check of the design


Tell us your vision for your building, include size/height and where it is to be built, and we can get some Preliminary Engineering and advise for the building, absolutely free.