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Steel Shed

Steel Shed Systems are Commercial Builders who design and engineer a wide range of steel frame buildings, retail outlets, factories and other industrial facilities, rural business buildings & more.

Commercial Buildings

If you're a commercial business, we can design and help plan your: Warehouse/Storage Facility or Manufacturing Plant

Retail Buildings

For retail businesses, workable, accessible space within a building to store and display your merchandise is paramount. In addition, having a shop or store frontage or look that stands out from the crowd is also an essential business requirement.

Industrial Builds

We offer industrial businesses: Factories | Manufacturing Centres | Aircraft Hangars | Storage Facilities | Warehouses

Community Buildings

Custom-Made & Designed: Schools | Community Centres | Halls / Gymnasiums

Rural Builds

And if you are a rural business, you can turn to us for: Workshops | Cow Sheds | Wintering Barns | Feed Stores | Secure Vehicle / Machinery Storage