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We know that commercial businesses need premises that don’t just provide functionality, but also stand out from the crowd. For example, for retailers, a great shop frontage is a must. The architectural features and detailing that we can incorporate into your project, along with the variety of stylish cladding options that we have available, mean we can meet these requirements.


Our industrial sheds are designed to make the best possible use of your available space. We have several designs on offer to specifically suit industrial requirements and purposes. However, if they’re not suitable for your specific requirements we can design and build from scratch to meet your needs.


We offer a large selection of options for rural shed requirements. We have a diverse set of pre-planned and proven designs, each of them specifically designed to suit rural business purposes and rural sites. If our existing plans aren’t quite what you’re after, then we will design one specifically for you.

  • Manufactured from natural resources and can be re-used & recycled
  • Strong, flexible & durable
  • Our portal frames have superior weight-bearing capabilities
  • All building foundations are reinforced with high tensile steel up to three metres deep
  • The key strength component in the foundations gives the ability to be able to design freely, with no restrictions