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Steel Sheds can build you a commercial building that offers effective functionality while looking great. If you're a commercial business, we can design and help plan your: Warehouse/Storage Facility or Manufacturing Plant.


Steel Shed Systems’ industrial sheds are designed to allow you to use your available space optimally. We offer a range of building and shed designs to specifically suit industrial requirements and purposes. Our pre-existing designs are suitable for a variety of industrial uses, but if they’re not quite right for you, we can create a new design to suit your specific needs.


Steel Shed Systems Waikato/South Auckland and Bay of Plenty offers you a huge range of options when it comes to your rural shed requirements. We have a diverse set of pre-planned designs available, each of them designed specifically to suit rural purposes and sites. If our existing shed plans aren’t quite what you’re looking for, though, we’ll help you to design your own.