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We hope you will take the time to read a little about the services we offer, and some new engineering inovations in our industry.

We are wanting to share some industry information each month or so and keep you informed on new developments and trends.

Why are we diferent?

– We are builders and building contractors, that have been in the industry
for more than 100 years between us

– We all are owners and directors of our national company.

– We all work together to share knowledge and develop our company

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Most recent project

Currently we are working with E3 architecture who asked us, to engineer and build a mechanics training facility for UCOL Masterton.

This project was initiated in late november and we were given eleven weeks for completion. And this included the Christmas break! The first assessment proposed challenges, as the site needed to be cleared of an exsisting building, and the new facility was being built over an old concrete swiming pool.These engineering obstacles were overcome using a combination of floating pads and deep structural piles.

Our completion was on time and budget. We now have the new trainees in their new learning facility.

Currently undergoing at Steel Shed Systems

RD1 are building in Kerikeri, and we are working with a local building contractor to engineer and build the main structure.

This joint approach is working well for the client and the main contractor.

This was featured in the lastest Building Today.

Currently we are working on reaching the needs of several clients, on projects including;

-Rural merchants RD1
-School workshop
-Timber  company
-Equestrian center
-Church design

Many of these projects take some thought, we enjoy getting involved in the design and budgeting in these types of projects to ensure all or clients needs are met at an eary stage.

Engineering and Design

Steel Sheds Systems use a rolled steel portal system. This system is one of the most superior systems worldwide and has the highest weight to strength capacity. This allows for a 10 meter height and over 35 meter spans.  Many of our buildings go beyond these limitations with structural steel. Steel Shed Systems are designed and certified to the building code of New Zealand and exceed all New Zealand requirements and standards.

We’re always looking to improve our systems, and found these some time ago, great for structural steel connections to ensure the correct bolt tensions.

Take a look

Steel Shed Systems

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