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Why Steel

Steel structures are some of the world’s most famous and enduring monuments.
The versatility, strength, and ease-of-use of steel offer a number of advantages and benefits when planning your new building project.


Steel offers better strength-to-weight ratios than reinforced concrete structures. This allows for efficient use of the space in your building – no annoying poles, posts, or trusses to get in your way and interfere with your work flow.
It also allows us to easily incorporate architectural features like wide spans and large openings (windows and doors), and specific features to suit your building use (such as gantry cranes) into your design.


Steel construction makes for easier modification as your business evolves or your needs change.
Modular elements inside the building can be catered for, and building alterations or extensions can be designed and implemented with relative ease, making future-proofing your design a standard option.

Environmental Considerations

Steel Shed Systems uses only sustainable steel products. Steel is manufactured from natural resources and can re-used and recycled, lowering the total cost to the environment.
It is also an essentially clean material – no dust, mess or spillage – and there is rarely much wastage in its use. Steel construction rarely produces major noise issues, and together with its relatively fast construction times and the “clean” nature of the material, this makes for a low environmental impact and the minimum disruption / inconvenience at and around your building site.


The clean lines, slenderness, and large spaces provided for by steel construction make for attractive buildings.
The wide range of architectural possibilities available with steel mean you can be ambitious or practical with your design as you like.
An unlimited range of colour options mean that the finish of your building will look just how you want it to.