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Our Process
Overview - Project Management

We offer total project management on all our builds. All of our local owner-operators are builders and building contractors who together offer over a hundred years of cumulative professional experience in managing contracts for residential and commercial building projects. We understand building project management instinctively, and are happy to manage your bespoke project from conception to completion. We can help with land selection, ground bearing capacity, geotechnical engineering, and establishing council requirements for the site and proposed building, so the earlier we get to help, the greater the chance we can ensure you are getting exactly the right type of building for your requirements. This can save you a huge amount of money.Councils are increasingly requiring much more than just a set of plans - they are concerned about building use, noise, ventilation, insulation, fire reports, drainage falls, capture rainwater tanks, sewer connection site plans, parking requirements, public use consents, and disabled entries and services, and then they want development contributions too; let us help, with no obligation.
Excellent relationships with quality contractors and good communication are both essential to a well-managed project.
Key to building project management is understanding the client's needs, and from the moment you come to see us, we are determined to ensure that your building needs, are the driving force of the project.

Discussing Your

Steel Shed Systems will guide you through every step of the building process. Our approach of working in close collaboration with our clients means you'll get the building that you've envisioned. When you first get in touch with us, we're happy to work with your existing site, or get involved with helping you choose the best available section. We'll talk to you about what you need from your new building and site. We look at your site access, storage, and production requirements, and most importantly, your workflow


As the design of your building takes shape, we're also modelling your budget. We start a budget plan for you from day one and keep you constantly apprised of the costs you will incur, and work to ensure your budget is sustainable for you.
Because we work with a range of products and suppliers, we'll go over all your available choices and help to select the best one for your needs - we won't push you on a particular option that doesn't suit your budget or requirements. Your budget is updated constantly with every decision that you make, and therefore there are no sudden surprise costs or “additional” charges.


Budget modelling continues as your project moves on into the design and engineering stage. Again, we keep you fully informed throughout this stage.
With your building requirements established, we will design your building around them. Our 3D design software allows you to envisioned what your customer will see when they arrive, or your product's journey as it makes its way through your assembly line, or the view out across the factory floor from your new office window.
Your finalised design will be a working 3D model of your building and site, exactly as we will build it - no surprises.
If you're happy to proceed, full design, geotechnical, and fire engineering of your building will take place over approximately the next three weeks.

At the same time, we'll be dealing with local and national authorities as needed to make sure your building is fully compliant in all applicable areas such as fire compliance, food safety, zoning, occupancy, and occupational safety.
Public use and parking requirements - we're careful to tick every necessary box, and will answer council questions on your behalf. Total council approval for your project is typically acquired within a month. With Resource consent requirements, it takes longer.


Construction times are dependent on weather conditions and size of the build, but in dry months a typical (approximate) schedule for your build is three weeks for your foundations, three to four weeks for your frame, a three week fit-out for interiors and then perhaps an additional three weeks if needed for your building surrounds - tar sealing, car parks, and access ways. From start to finish, that's a brand new, purpose-built building for your business in possibly as little as four to five months.
If you opt for one of our smaller, off-the-rack/pre-existing designs in the Eco Series, your project can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.
By getting involved in your project as early as possible and overseeing the entire building process, we head off as many potential delays as possible, and our professionalism and excellent customer service aims to make your building process as stress-free as possible.